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In addition to the outlets mentioned above and in fairness to all the editors to whom I am equally grateful, my work has also appeared in: 'Ink, Sweat & Tears', 'Symmetry Pebbles', 'Reflections Magazine', 'Earth Love', 'First Edition', 'Magnificent Me', 'The Human Genre Project' and 'Rumble'. If I have left anyone out, I apologise in advance. I will rectify any omissions of discovery. Thanks for taking the time to read this. Abi

Thursday, 10 September 2009

'Earth Love', a good cause...

I have heard today that 'Earth Love' have accepted four of my poems. They are to appear in the November and February issues respectively. 'Earth Love' is a small but well-established outlet that is passionately concerned with the natural world and ecological issues generally. This concern is reflected in the kind of work it accepts but, if you have something suitable - and especially if you are just beginning to submit - you could do worse than give them a look. They like postal submissions but you will find more information at the link provided. Good luck with it!

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  1. Well done Abbie - that's terrific news about Earth Love. I'm so pleased for you. Also - on the subject of A363 I see you left a comment on my blog (just found it) and I think for you to get the best out of it you should just relax and write as much as you can. You will learn more about technique and genre, and critiquing. i was terrified at first as A215 had been such a brilliant and enjoyable course. A363 seemed a lot harder and they want more out of you, but really what they want most is good writing. you will learn a lot, and don't be disappointed if your marks drop at first (that happened to everyone last year - everyone!) My marks went down 20% from A215 for my first essay and then gradually crept back up to the level they had been at, as my technique improved. Don't worry about reading extra books either, the course book is all you need. X