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In addition to the outlets mentioned above and in fairness to all the editors to whom I am equally grateful, my work has also appeared in: 'Ink, Sweat & Tears', 'Symmetry Pebbles', 'Reflections Magazine', 'Earth Love', 'First Edition', 'Magnificent Me', 'The Human Genre Project' and 'Rumble'. If I have left anyone out, I apologise in advance. I will rectify any omissions of discovery. Thanks for taking the time to read this. Abi

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Tangled Bear Finds A New Home

I know this sounds like a story for children but it is not quite what it seems. The hero of the story, Tangled Bear, is a rather old and battered wooden puppet. Sadly, I cannot post here: for one thing, the tale is not finished yet and, for another, I would dearly love to see this one published somewhere. It is, perhaps, a little quirky but sometimes quirky can be good, can't it? My goal is 500 words today and completion within a week. I am rather disorganised, though, in that I tend to have several projects 'in progress' at any one time. My defence is that this enables me to write something whatever mood I am in. I would be interested in knowing whether others have a similar approach or whether they find it more productive to concentrate on one project at a time.

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